Manchester High School West Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Manchester High School West Library Media Center is to teach learners how to access, organize, and use information that is available in multiple formats, such as print, non-print, and information technology sources. The Manchester High School West library promotes digital citizenship, various forms of literacy, and equitable access for all students.

Manchester High School West Library Goals
The Manchester High School West library strives to assist students and staff in using a multitude of research techniques and use of technology. This is accomplished through library orientation sessions, mini-lessons, and individual consultations with students. Students will also learn how to evaluate print and electronic sources for their accuracy and comprehensiveness.
The Manchester High School West library also aims to instill a love of learning and an ongoing quest for knowledge.

Manchester High School West Mission and Core Values
Mission Statement

Manchester High School West, in partnership with our community, is committed to 
developing independent, lifelong learners in a safe, respectful learning environment in 
which students realize their full potential. 

Core Values

1. We believe that all students will learn and achieve their highest potential with the 
    support of teachers, counselors, administrators and families.

2. We believe that diversity in the student body at Manchester High School West is a 
    strength that is valued and celebrated.  

3. We believe that respect is demonstrated by the administration, faculty and staff and is 
    reflected by the student body. 

4. We believe that clear communication is a priority among staff and students and that it 
    is a foundation upon which relationships are built and fostered.

5. We believe that all members of the West community are responsible for their 
    learning, actions and decisions.